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If you want to be a successful businessman you must need a great idea and clear vision… But how to understand whether your idea is great or not or it is clear enough?

“At least you should clear that for an idea to be sellable it ultimately needs to meet a customer need.”

There is no any doubt by saying customer development is key which helps scientists build high impact ventures even from single scratch.

Before startup see your product through their eyes, a customer’s eye. Your product needs to be at least 10 times better than what they have already encountering in the market and you can convince yourself that there are clients that want a service but you have to test that.

You should do prior study about targeted customers or who you’re going to sell to and why.





What happens if you don’t have an idea?

-You could be at an advantage – you can start with a problem that needs to be solved rather than a technology that needs to find a purpose.


“Big corporations are not very nimble. They are like dinosaurs.…They can throw a lot of money at a big project that’s more engineering. There’s not a lot of risk associated with it, but it just takes muscle. But when it takes brain and creative thought and solutions, they tend not to be that great.…Small companies are much better, much nimbler, more motivated. They are very flexible
and very fast.”

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