Name: Chetanath Neupane

Hi, this is Chetanath Neupane,

My geometry of struggle starts from the very remote village of Morang district of eastern Nepal called Kerabari. It is really hard to say the fact that we had to travel almost 3 hr for high school education during the time when the civil war between Maoist and Nepal Government was at its peak. Even I had to face with so many difficulties, due to proper guidance of my lovely Mom (Father was passed when I was 12 yrs) , academic as well as in extra curricular activities my ranking was above average. In our community, people generally suggest depending upon the interest pf the students to pursue their career in science if he/she deserve in top 3 ranking.

Fortunately, I was always first throughout my schooling and academically I was always curious about how things around us work and the reason behind anything that was happening; later, I found out that it is called SCIENCE.. The profound knowledge about the world around us that is perceivable via Physics drew me towards choosing physics as one of the  undergraduate major. I was fascinated by the immense coverage of physics from tiny atom to the infinite universe and the simple dynamics of motion to the complex biological and astrophysical phenomena.

Further, during and after my B.Sc. I had been involved in teaching science to high school students and physics to higher secondary students, which have definitely augmented my understanding of the basic physical concepts and their applications by providing a different outlook to the subject from a different angle; the teachers angle.

These experience on teaching have also given me the ultimate meaning of gaining knowledge; to pass it on.

More interestingly, I have taken Astrophysics as major and Biomedical physics as a non-credit course so that my research work will be related to life science

On the other hand, I am equally engaged to the social services, community based social activities & youth empowerment from local levels.

Looking to my past, I have got various opportunities to work in teaching sectors as a visiting lecturer as well as in high school science & Mathematics instructor/teacher which further helped me to flourish my teaching skills.



I am currently involved in following activities;


I am at the very initial phase of my career and needs more time and efforts to achieve my milestone and forth return my expertise to needy people in the Nation. There is lots more to do for my nation in coming future. Taking consideration of this theme, I am actively involving in scientific events directly or indirectly. 

Exposure, Idea exchange is always the main moto of every National or International conference which helps everyone to further furnish their skills, knowledge and more importantly networking in the common field of research. 

I have got several opportunities to learn from the experts by participating  in the following events:












I will always look forward to welcome every interested, active, like minded people or  those agreeing with my vision to work together for betterment of Research & Development scenario in our Nation.